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This is a blog for the course comments from the Master of Buddhism course through the Universal Life Church Seminary.
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Info about Buddhism Course

This is an outstanding course for anyone who is interested in the religious background and teachings of the Buddha. This is an ancient religion and many of its teachings permeate our society in unusual ways.
Here are just a few of the interesting and “enlightening” things you will learn when you decide to pursue your own Master of Buddhism Degree:
Find out:
* Who was the Buddha? Has there been more than one Buddha? Find out here!
* What do the Buddhists consider the cause of ALL suffering?
* Learn the Buddhist secret philosophy to a happy life!
* Why is the lotus flower an important Buddhist symbol?
* What are the three most important Buddhist teachings?
* What is Nirvana? Is it really what you think it is……?
* Discover the rich cultural background behind this world religion!
* Find out where Buddhism originated, trace its history, and explore the meanings of its mysterious symbols! Lots of interesting stuff!
* Explore Buddhism's holy books and religious teachings for yourself!
* Learn about the power of Karma, and how it figures into the life of the Buddhist, as well as how it can apply to you!!!
* You will also enjoy learning about the Buddhist way of meditation, their philosophy of rebirth, and path to enlightenment! Wayyy too much stuff in this course to describe on one page!
Buddhism Course through the universal life church.We believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of this course, once you choose to begin receiving it! Buddhism has been admired for decades for its appreciation of tolerance and respect for others. 

The concepts of this peaceful religion have stood the test of time. Why not find out why, first-hand!  

In this course, you will view the astonishing simplicity and beauty of a tradition that has transformed the civilizations of India, Southeast Asia, Tibet, China, Korea, and Japan—and has now become a stable component in the cultures of Europe, Australia, and now the United States. 

Think about it: This is a chance for the person interested in Buddhism to pursue that interest, and earn a Master’s Degree at the same time!
What a unique opportunity! 

Online Degrees -- Master of Buddhism
We proudly adhere to the State’s policy, and thus, we are recognized as a legal Seminary. We are THE place to further your legitimate religious study, with regulated state standards, course guidelines, and mandatory work assignments that will enrich you on your path for truth. Imagine having the attractive Master of Buddhism Degree certificate framed, and hanging on your wall….and all the wisdom that comes from that awesome accomplishment!
Go on, get your Degree program started today!
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