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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Master of Buddhism Week 17

Master of Buddhism Week Seventeen

1. Which of the Buddhist festivals most appeals to your sensibilities? Perhaps you can find a celebration of this
event locally.

Loy Krathong (the Floating Bowls). The ideas of watching one's troubles float away is pleasing. It puts in one in mind
of a Canadian native tradition wherein one ties offerings to a tree branch to mourn the passing of a loved one. A person
can be aware of nature reclaiming the symbol of the person and find comfort and healing in the process.

2. "So let the master settle, and wander." What does this mean to you?

The master being referred to is the bee. It is the master because it spreads life (pollen) while leaving the environment
undisturbed. This is a hint to us that we should do the same; spread life and encourage growth while at the same time
being careful not to disturb or destroy what happiness or existence.

3. If Buddha were alive today, would he preach abstention from eating meat? Why or why not?

I do not believe he would. It still stands that a Buddhist beggar would accept what is placed in the begging bowl. On a
larger scale, one should that which is given to aid spiritual growth.

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